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March 10

Artist In Residence:


DANCE PERFORMANCE @ Braswell Arts Center

19:00h showtime

CHF 30 Suggested Donation 


Limited seating. To purchase your tickets, please use the online form below. Please feel free to contact us at : if you have any questions.

The donation is suggested as it is our mission to make high-quality art accessible to all. All donations are greatly appreciated and if you can’t give CHF 30, then please give what you can. If you can give more, please do! Any and all proceeds raised from this event will go directly to funding this program’s future. Let’s do our part and pass the gift of art forward!

–Braswell Arts Center team

Become an ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE at the Braswell Arts Center.

Braswell Arts Center
  • Private Rehearsal Space: Use of the Braswell Arts Center for a rehearsal period.
  • Documentation: Each artist will be encouraged to document their experiences in their own way — for example with video and/or voice recordings, written journal entries, etc.
  • Performance/Exhibition Event: A public event where you present a small performance for the public.
  • Public live interview: In collaboration with Interview En L’air online arts magazine, we invite the guest artists to participate in a live interview open to the public.
  • Open class or workshop: A possibility to give classes in your artistic field.

Raise awareness of your work with a marketing collaboration with the Braswell Arts Center and create your best work with a quiet, private space, a state-of-the-art studio with a great energy.

All genres apply: Musicians // Artists // Choreographers etc. Please send CV and Letter of intent to:


Braswell Arts Center Artist Residency Program

Your new Opera. Your new piece for string quartet. Your new solo Dance piece. Your new play. Your new sculpture or painting. Created in peace and surrounded by good energy. Supporting artists by providing a space and means to create a new work in all art forms. 

The Braswell Arts Center Artist Residency Program will offer a professional arts space to artists, to create, rehearse and perform in Basel. A fresh initiative, offering development and performance opportunities while providing support for emerging or established artists. In collaboration with Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, corporations, foundations and the public, we hope to create a mentorship through free rehearsal and performance space and providing resources and support. A chance to focus on making their best work. We aspire to provide quality performances for the public at the end of the program and, by doing that, encouraging and nurturing a new audience who might not have been exposed to the arts otherwise.