Narisawa_FIGURATIVE – into the why (© De-Da Productions)_05

/Narisawa_FIGURATIVE – into the why (© De-Da Productions)_05

Narisawa_FIGURATIVE – into the why (© De-Da Productions)_05

Kihako Narisawa at the Braswell Arts Center

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The Braswell Arts Center is a space for creativity, collaboration and innovation in all art forms. The newly designed space will be fully transformable for dance performances, concerts, gallery exhibits, and special events. We want to collaborate with the Basel arts community and corporate and private sponsors to offer fresh initiatives for underprivileged kids and emerging artists. We also hope to work with schools and organizations to provide movement programs for children, the elderly and the injured or disabled. Ballett Dienstag will continue to offer quality classes and programs accessible to professionals as well as non-professionals. Through the new Braswell Arts Center Fund we can support our new programs to offer development and performance opportunities for Basel artists and artists worldwide.