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What is the Braswell Arts Center about?

After many years of thinking of a way to bridge the gap between art and the public, the idea for the Braswell Arts Center was born. Our Arts Center will offer quality classes and provide a space for creativity, collaboration and innovation in all art forms. The newly designed space will be fully transformable for professional dance performances, concerts, gallery exhibits, and special events. We also see this as a chance to collaborate with the Basel arts community, schools and sponsors to provide a new and fresh initiative for emerging artists and underprivileged kids. We hope to offer free movement and performance classes as well as development and performance opportunities for artists.

BAC Kids – Social Programing

Our goal is to support emerging artists and underprivileged children through social programming in collaboration with Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land, corporations, foundations and the public. Through free performance classes and frequent exposure to high-quality artists in all art forms, we hope to create a unique mentorship program for underprivileged children. The Braswell Arts Center hopes to create a more approachable and less intimidating public relationship with art and artists and by offering free high-quality performances, we hope to encourage and nurture a new audience who might not have been exposed to the arts otherwise.

Braswell Arts Center Kids Dance Classes

Artist Residency

Not only supporting artists by providing a space to create a new work, but also offering consultation and assisting with administrative development. 

Dance Courses 

For all levels and all body types. Inclusive dance classes with live music. Lead by Juilliard graduate and Ballet theater Basel soloist Armando Braswell, and his team of quality artists.

Dance Classes Braswell Arts Center

Interview En L’air 

Armando founded Interview en l’air as a portal for networking and stimulating dance makers at the international level and as an inspiration and impetus to the discourse on dance and debates on the topics of dance professionals and artists and what drives them. In addition to his artistic activities, Armando is also active in the journalistic field . The importance of this work , which gives an insight into the thoughts and inspiration of dance artists worldwide , and which he publishes regularly in his series Interview en l’air , is of a big importance and enriching the world of dance with special human perspectives on the creative horizon of dance artists .

Rentals / Events

The Braswell arts Center is available for small performances, concerts, and special events.  The 235m2 space offers lots of sunlight and central location in Basel Stadt.

Braswell Arts Center